The crisis between Somalia,Somaliland & Ethiopia has become very frightening.

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Somalia has posted on its map that Oromia, Sidama, Somalia and Dirre Dawa are part of Greater Somalia.The commanders of the Somali army are in Finfinnee and the commanders of the Somali army have arrived in Eritrea.

Post-Dargii fragmented Somalia with only 15,000 troops and only 10 tanks entered Eritrea yesterday. Mean while, self-governing Somalia, with a population of 6 million and nearly 10,000 troops, sent its military commanders to Ethiopia yesterday.

The construction of a commercial and port facility will soon begin on the port currently allocated to Ethiopia in Somaliland.

The United Nations, Djibouti, the United States, Britain, Kenya, Egypt, etc. support Somalia while Djibouti, for its part, has refused to allow Ethiopia to she is in deep frustration because she has lost so many dollars to another user.

The Eritrean newspaper has just released information that Ethiopia is not struggling with the sea threshold but is building the strongest military force in the Horn of Africa in the Red Sea. In his recent research, he has revealed the alleged mystery that Ethiopia is trying to control the politics of the Horn of Africa. The port site is 247 km from the Barbara Port and 47 km from the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEden.

The fact that this is not a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean but a gateway to the Red Sea shows that the issue is not a sea gate issue but a political control of South Africa.

Somalia has planned for its long-term plan that the Ethiopian parts of Oromia, Somalia, Sidama and Dirre Dawa are part of the greater Somalia and therefore they should be under it. In order to achieve this, Ziad learned in 1969 to launch an invasion of Ethiopia by the United States and the Soviet Union or Russia.

Even then, Somalia has not canceled its plans and it is still said that Somalia is going to enter more than 700 km into Ethiopia and expand its rule as far as Adaama. Well, Ethiopia knows this and is already dividing Somalia, the Eritrean newspaper published. The agreement with Somalia land also agreed to build not only a port but also a naval force in the region.

So Ethiopia, which is close to the Red Sea and occupies a crucial position on the Atlantic Ocean, will have Equal Dominance over Eritrea, Egypt, Yemen, America, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, And other European countries in the Red Sea.

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